The consumers you

The consumers you will reach via television will have to be tuned in to the particular program you place your advert on. The same goes for the radio too.

But what if you can

But what if you can reach all the consumers through one medium? What if there if one platform that brings all your consumers together in one place?

The Internet

It can be argued that the internet has splinter platforms too; emails and social networks inclusive. However, this does not change the fact that the internet

Burger King – A Paradise For Burger Lovers

Not so long ago, the world saw the emergence of fast food chains to serve our appetite. There have been many organizations trying to cater to the ever-changing demands of food. A study mostly preferred casual dining over fine dining as fine dining requires much time and money to completely serve your appetite. The fine dines restaurants happen to serve 3 course and 4-course meals which require much time whereas the casual dining food chains happen to serve fast meals. But over the years, the casual dining restaurants and food chains have evolved their services to match the fine diners and even better. One of the prime examples is Burger King.

Burger King was incorporated in the year 1953 and it is near to a decade of its profound legacy in serving their customers with personalized ambience and customized burgers. Initially mybkexperience is well known as insta-Burger King. They mainly started their operations in Jacksonville, Florida which was later acquired by Miami-based Franchisees and renamed it to Burger King. Now, it has become one of the fastest growing fast food chains with revenue of around $4.05 billion.

Burger King Products

Initially, when they started their operations back in Florida, they would only serve a basic tray of hamburgers, French fries, and soft drinks. In addition to the basic constituents, there were some value add-on products like milkshakes and desserts. The menu was short but the prices were low. People used to buy food packs from the outlets while commuting from office to home or move out during a road trip. But soon, they were having financial situations that led to a decline in the revenue. This is when James McLamore and David Edgerton, the franchise owners acquired the business and made some major changes due to which we know Burger King as it is now.

To date, they are serving a wide array of food products. Apart from customized burgers, there are products like the whopper, the first in the sandwich line. The line extended over a period of time to cater to different sandwiches that you will find today in the outlet. Other products include Croissan’Wich which is a fusion of French Croissant and sandwich. New products were added later on to compete with fast food chain giants like McDonald’s. Now, the company has started its operations overseas and there is a heavy reliance on serving the demography with the localized version.

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