The consumers you

The consumers you will reach via television will have to be tuned in to the particular program you place your advert on. The same goes for the radio too.

But what if you can

But what if you can reach all the consumers through one medium? What if there if one platform that brings all your consumers together in one place?

The Internet

It can be argued that the internet has splinter platforms too; emails and social networks inclusive. However, this does not change the fact that the internet

Company Profile

Wayne Farrell is the author of Social Selling and Relationship Management: How To Gain The Edge.
He also co-wrote the bestseller Power Control for Marketing Strategies on behalf of Milwaukee Books.
He is also the founder of six marketing promotion units that are already gaining strength in campuses around the country.
He is currently the Online Marketing Executive at Amtower Corporations.
Wayne believes in spending time to groom the future generations for roles in the marketing industry.
He has been in the marketing business for over 40 years and he has seen it evolve drastically in that time. He believes there is still more to come.

Wayne lives in a manor just minutes away from the L’Oreal Headquaters.

They Are a Response To Meaningful User Behaviour

This factor is the whole essence creating the campaign. The personalized message has to be based on an already established behavioural pattern of the customer.

That can also be determined by observing the customer’s usual activities on the internet. If the customer likes visiting websites focused on tech subjects, you will know that your message about the discount prices on gadgets available in the store will be a right fit for such a customer.

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